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We are hiring: Quantitative Ecology Postdoc Position

Quantitative Ecology Postdoc Position 

We are seeking a postdoctoral associate with experience in quantitative modeling of plant functional traits, biodiversity and extinction rate, and / or species distributions at large geographic scales. The associate will analyze spatiotemporal response of biodiversity, plant trait distributions, and biophysical variables to global climate change. 

Welcome, Dan!

We are very excited to announce that Dan Kozar will join the lab this fall. Dan will be a PhD student in Hydrological Sciences Graduate Group and will be co-advised by John Largier.  Welcome, Dan!


New Lab Starting!

I started as an assistant professor in Ecosystem Modeling here at ESP UC Davis in July 2018. I am looking for graduate students interested in ecosystem spatial self-organization and pattern formation and coupled landscape evolution and biological evolution, using mathematical modeling approach. Get in touch with me!